The Saddle Seat by JHPI

One of the most popular products in our Ergonomic Seating range is the Saddle Seat and we are very pleased to now offer it in Red as well as the original Black.
The Saddle Seat has proved a comfortable and versatile product for use in various situations including offices, clinics, workshops, studios and salons. The wide, wheeled star-base gives the user the ability to easily move around while the contoured seat gives support and keeps the pelvis in a natural position helping to align the back, shoulders and neck. The seat also has a tilt lever allowing the user to adjust the seat to find their perfect position.

We have had positive feedback from people using this Saddle Seat at a computer and also from artists at an easel, crafters and dental hygienists. They have reported that it helps posture and the associated problems that accompany being seated for long periods of time.

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