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Here at JHPI we recently discovered Cool Gel, a cooling analgesic gel, through one of our distributors who was enthusing about it. Since then we have seen through first-hand experience its effectiveness and versatility.

£10.25 exl. Vat available on subscription

Istant Relief for: Neck and Back pains, Joint and muscle pain, Arthritics, Chondropathy, Tendinitis & Epicondylitis, Inflamations & Edemas, Backaches

£19.25 exl. Vat available on subscription

COOL GEL 500ml is a natural local analgesic substance in gel form. It begins working immediately in the areas where it is applied, offering instant pain relief. It includes a feeling of freshness and has a pleasant scent. It does not leave any stains and it is friendly to the body. It stimulates local blood [...]