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Ergonomic Stools

Ergonomic stools Ideal for those who work in a seated position from home or home office or in the workplace. Stools for Dentists, beauticians etc.

£89.99 exl. Vat

The Active Balance seat, promotes core strength, better circulation and balance ideal for a home office with either hard flooring or carpet, the Active Balance Seat has locking wheels. The deep abdominal and back muscles are activated when the seat tilts from movement. BP1462 Active Balance Seat Spec Sheet

£39.99 exl. Vat

The BetterPosture sit-stand stool is perfect for all drafting or sit stand environments.

£129.00 exl. Vat

The Saddle Chair is designed to keep the pelvis in a natural position aligning the back, shoulders, and neck, while keeping hips and thighs in a natural forward curve. BP1465 Saddle Seat Spec Sheet