BetterBack ErgoSeat with Pad

Back pain can be caused by many factors related to posture and lifestyle rather than disease or serious damage. Sitting in a chair or car for long periods of time can cause or worsen back issues and this pain can have an impact on all aspects of your life making sleeping, walking and sitting uncomfortable.

There are many products available to help combat this including lumbar rolls, seat pads and wedges. One of our favorites is the BetterBack ErgoSeat which can be used in your car, or on any other chair at home or in the office. As it is easy to use it can be moved from chair to chair or quickly put away when visitors arrive.

The molded wooden back provides optimal support while the seat encourages a correct sitting position making it an ideal companion on those long car journeys. Its ergonomic design encourages a natural relaxed sitting position, relieving strain on the lower back and pelvis and discouraging slouching. The BetterBack ErgoSeat comes with a removable lumbar pad as well.

If you suffer from back pain you will know if it is triggered by sitting on a particular chair or by car journeys. This discomfort is usually fairly easy to rectify by ensuring the seat is adjusted and you are sitting correctly or you are using an ergonomic seating product to help support your posture.

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