Backtone the Posture Corrector

Physiotherapists report that it is often difficult to change and maintain a patient’s bad posture. The body needs to be retrained but the habits a patient has become accustomed to soon reappear unless they are reminded otherwise.

backtone-blog1Occupational Therapist, Lorraine Josey, became interested in this issue while trying to change her patients’ posture in workplace rehabilitation and consequently developed a bio-feedback device that helps develop muscle memory for good posture. BackTone, is a small signal unit held between the shoulder blades and waist, emits a beep or vibration every time the user slouches.

BackTone is worn a 3 of times a day for around 20 minutes and after a few weeks has helped instil good posture habits. During their ‘training’ patients are reminded of their bad posture habits even when the clinician is not there!

As part of her Masters research into postural behaviour and the use of a bio-feedback training device, Lorraine found that participants reported improvements in shoulders, neck, arms, wrists and hands, as well as backs, when they corrected their habitual posture. Lorraine will present her full findings to the American Occupational Therapy Association in Chicago in 2016.

Lorraine recently told Australian Women Online that “More and more the research is revealing how important posture is for your health, backtone-blog2happiness, and wellbeing. Bad posture causes pain, drops in energy levels, self-esteem, communication skills and appearance – it’s a critical part of healthy function and it’s something everyone needs to be taking notice of”.

BackTone can be easily incorporated into a treatment programme and clinicians have reported great success in using this device to achieve improvements in a patient’s posture. For further information, how-to videos or to purchase BackTone visit our BackTone page.